Saturday, 5 February 2011

I can't understand.

Hello Everyone.

Me and dad are very angry today by this despicable joke for a human being. The RSPCA have revealed that a man who was banned from keeping animals for 10 years after being caught on camera kicking and punching a dog was jailed yesterday after the same dog was found in his flat.

Thug Major

Simeon Major, 20, was given the ban, as well as a custodial sentence, in August 2010 after he was caught on CCTV attacking his Staffordshire bull terrier-type dog, named Dream. The attack, which happened in Brantwood Road, Luton, in March last year, lasted 15 to 20 minutes. CCTV footage showed Major kicking and punching the female dog, which was around seven-months-old at the time, in front of a group of friends. The dog was kicked against a wall and punched, and dragged onto the wall only to be punched down again. The RSPCA said yesterday that Major, of Buxton Road, Luton, was jailed again at the town’s magistrates’ court yesterday after the same dog was found in his flat. Major pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to breaching a ban on keeping all animals for 10 years.

The court was told that the same dog was found in Mr Major’s home by police investigating an unrelated matter, and it was clear she was being looked after there. Major admitted the dog was the one which he had been caught attacking on CCTV. Thug Major sobbed in the dock as a four-minute edited version of his savage attack was played to the court.

The court was told Major had given Dream to a friend to be cared for while he was in prison, but she was returned to him afterwards because the friend could no longer look after her. He was jailed yesterday for 136 days, and had already served 68 on remand.

Dream the Staffy

Inspector Peter Warne said: “The original offence was a prolonged and disturbing attack. It wasn’t just one kick and punch, he repeatedly attacked the terrified dog over a sustained period of time.”

The RSPCA said it was currently looking after Dream, and said centres up and down the country were full of “Staffy-type” dogs like her in desperate need of loving new homes.

Our thought today are with our canine sister Dream. A very brave, beautiful and gentle Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Yip Yap.

XX Poppy

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