Friday, 17 December 2010

Ice and Snow.

Hi mum and Olive.

Just a quick note to say the narrow boat is not moving at the moment, because the canal is full of ice.  I had a look at the towpath from the back deck. Snow was falling and it looked to be quite deep so I decided to retrace my steps back to my bed in front of the stove. When I got back to my bed the cat had moved in. This cat is becoming a full time problem. he seems to be unaware of the normal hierarchy where dogs always come out above cats. There may not be enough room to swing a cat on a narrow boat. However, I do have in mind a cat to test the swing theory with.

Photograph above is from the narrowboat "No Problem" blog.

Seemingly I am now in need a good winter coat. This has come about since dad took me to the grooming parlour. Where I had my very sung and warm coat thinned out. Started out with a bath in nice soapy water. Then a shampoo with some evil smelling stuff. Which was a waste of time as they then washed it all out  afterwards. I don't mind the good strong smelly stuff as it saves me having to find something equally smelly to roll in later. I could roll on the cat - that monster is very smelly, especially after he has been eating fish flavoured cat food.

Mum, said something about going to Dogs "R" Us and getting me fitted out with the new coat. Not exactly the trendy place I had in mind. What's wrong with Armani de Dogs. When you are a style icon, nothing less will do.

The family seem to be quite relaxed about the lack of boat movement and are all busy trying to read or watch the television. So its time for me to go and find a lap to sit on. The family find it quite irritating when I want to sit on a lap. Especially when all that they want to do is read or watch television. If there is one thing I know about, it is the best way of irritating people. I have discovered that if I irritate them enough they will move the cat out of my bed. Its a war of counter irritation, but someone has it to do.

Love to all

Poppy XX

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