Sunday, 29 May 2011

New crew member

Hello everyone.
Well, its about time I introduced you all to a new member of the crew on board Rosie. Meet "Abbie" who is now my permanent companion to help crew the boat. Abbie is a retired lady aged a whole twelve years. She is very fit and active and like me also loves nothing better that a soft comfortable lap to sleep on.

Abbie -n- Poppy

Abbie joined us on a recent cruise to see if she would settle on the boat OK. She stayed for three weeks over Easter. She proved to be a good sailor in that she never fell overboard. She tended to prefer sitting on the side in the boat cockpit watching the world go by whilst keeping company with whoever was at the tiller. 
I true to form went over the side on our return back to the marina. So I have maintained my record of at least one dunking per trip!
Abbie also has the endearing habit of inviting herself onto any boat moored nearby to carryout a full inspection. So far her list includes Narrow boat, Dutch barge and GRP Cruiser. I think she is working down a tick list of boat types. If nothing else, an inquisitive and slightly over friendly Wire Haired Fox Terrier soon helps you to make a few new acquaintances on other boats moored nearby.
I love the picture taken on the back steps of the boat, as it looks like I am stood next to a mirror.
Yip Yap.
Poppy xx


  1. Hi Poppy
    Nice to meet you, I love canal boats, we went to Ellesmere a couple of weeks ago and had a lovely time walking along the canal, will be putting the post up about it next Saturday so pop by if you have time. I will be sure to look out for you the next time we take a walk down a canal :)
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx

  2. Hi George. We have not visited Ellesmere on our canal cruises yet. We will get there one day next year. We are cruising the northern canals this year and we intend to do the western canals next year.

    The canals are good places to walk your owner, especially if they are not as nimble as us. You will now be a certified Gongoozeler (boaters name for people and dogs who like to watch boats)

    yip yap XX

    Poppy and Abbie