Friday, 25 May 2012

Strangers on the bank.

Hello everyone.

A wet but warm day today, we have had our morning constitutional walk and scoffed our breakfast on our return. Abbey tends to dawdle along and we have to stop and wait for her because she likes to check out every blade of grass. Me, I hit the ground running, I am still stopping dad from littering the towpath with rubber balls by bringing them back. I even bring back the ones that go in the water. I think I deserve an award for keeping the towpath tidy.

Dad says that I am not good when we meet strangers on the bank. I always bark at them if I feel that they are suspicious in any way. I don't ever give anyone the benefit of the doubt. We see lots of strangers, because people like to stop and watch the boat as we pass by. Sometimes we have to pass through the canal locks and then there is always someone watching. We call them gongoozelers as it is a very old name used by the old boat people. It is used to describe people who live on the bank who stand and stare at people who live on the boats.

Yip Yap

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