Monday, 17 January 2011

Obedience training.

Hello everyone.

Well, things are improving weather wise. The ice on the canal has cleared and some boats are starting to move now. We are remaining at the marina for a while to let the weather improve a bit more. I think I have discovered dads new years resolution is to "Keep Fit". I have been out running around the local fields playing at chase down the ball. It is a game that keeps dad happy for hours on end. He is after all a man that has such simple tastes. We always take two balls, each is on a short rope so that dad can throw them as far as possible. He seems to enjoy throwing the ball and its a way for him to keep fit. I chase the ball and retrieve them back, which means that he gets to throw the ball more which in turn helps with his fitness regime.  I must admit it can make me quite tired but I then enjoy a snooze in my bed when we get back to the boat.

Obedience training for dogs seems to be the main conversation between mum and dad at the moment. I did go to puppy training classes. I was so good that I soon moved into the adolescent class. Anyway, I like to think that I am quite obedient. Dad said "Poppy is very obedient if you let her do as she wants" which demonstrates that he is quite a sensitive human. Mum says "Poppy pulls on the lead all the time" which is true to a point, as I am always in a hurry to get to where we are going. I like to lead the pack and steer everyone in the right direction. So now they have invested in a Halti which is a kind of lead that fits over my head. It makes it a bit harder to steer mum and dad now. But I am working on a way of combating the use of this Halti by walking directly in front of them. It is such fun watching mum and dad stumble over their own feet.

In the mean time, I am still working on perfecting my act for the "Animal X Factor" competition. I have managed to round up a few of Jaspers close friends. It is amazing the effect on them of a little bit of my secret catnip potion. I just smear a little here and there and the cats come running. When animal X Factor finished I am thinking of doing a reverse pied-piper stunt by enticing all the local cats onto a boat using the catnip potion. Then waving a fond farewell as they all disappear down the river.

Seems like a good idea to me.

Well I must go, I can here voices so I need to do my guard dog duties.

PS. I can only use the laptop to email when mum and dad are not around. I think Jasper would like to snitch on me, if he could only find a way of doing it.

Love to all.

XX Poppy

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