Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Gongoozlers Question.

Hello everyone.

Just a quick note. I see the weather is not very good again, quite a bit more snow fell today. However, it turned to rain later and so some of it has cleared. I am a bit fed up after weeks of snow on the ground. I am looking forward to the spring and being able to play a game of “chase the ball” again. It seems that this has been the longest spell of freezing weather during the month of December since weather records began. The ice is starting to get a bit thinner. It is loosing its tight grip on the boat and I can feel gentle movement again as people change position on the boat.

Mum and dad went out on their motorcycles this morning which might not have been a good idea. There was quite a bit of snow on the ground by the time they returned. Dad said it was very difficult riding conditions on the way home because of all the snow and ice. Mum says dad is a brilliant rider and he was able to demonstrate all of his riding skills on the way back. However, until the spring arrives, they will be taking more notice of the weather reports before going out for the day in future.

Life continues as normal on the boat with dad keeping the log burning stove going twenty four hours a day. The boat is very cosy and warm and my bed is at the side of the stove. Lots of non boating people on the towpath or on bridges (known to boaters as Gongoozlers) always ask questions about the boat. Questions like “How warm is the boat in winter” and “Do you have a toilet”. Dad always reassures them that the boat is a home away from home. Because we have all the modern conveniences like a shower, bath, electricity, Satellite television, gas, running water, flush toilet and central heating all on board.

Mum and dad have been feeding the wild birds again during the hard winter weather. They did this by placing a couple of seed feeders round the boat. Its good to watch all the different coloured birds come to feed and is helping to keep Jasper the cat awake. However, Jasper knows that if either mum or dad catch him stalking the birds he will be in big trouble. He just can't keep away from watching them all the time. He has no chance of catching them, because he is a bit arthritic in his joints and the cold weather does not help his flexability either.

Must go, dad needs someone to keep him company whilst he goes for his daily walk. I am not sure why, but he always seems to choose me to go with him. I must be good company to be with.

I have a secret ambition for a while now, to appear on the animal version of the “X Factor” talent show on television. I hope to go to an audition for the show in the near future. I have been practising my routine for several weeks in readiness for the big day. I will let you know how I get on.

Yip Yap

XX Love Poppy

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