Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Eyesight test

Hi mum and Olive.

I don't know what it is, but dad says he thinks I am having problems with my eyesight. It seems that when he throws the ball, I don't always see where it lands and I some times run past it. He says he wants to take me for a visit to the vet. Now, I would like to avoid that at all costs. A visit to that place and any vestiges of dignity left from the previous visit will be lost forever.

However, the real problem is all the hair that has sprouted in front of my eyes. Its time that I had a trim especially the long hair around my eyes. I tried licking my paws and wiping the hair down. Dad said look, she has obviously gotten an irritated eye. We need to do something about it. He went off to rummage through the medicine box and found some eye drops.  I tried to show him what the problem was by sticking down my hair. However, he thinks I need more eye drops and gives me more medication.

I thought it would be best if I go and have a sleep, just leave it a bit and see what happens later. I was shaken from my beauty sleep by dad calling me. I managed to get up but as I was still half  asleep, I staggered a bit as I went to see what he wanted. Dad said "The old girl is not well". I looked at mum and she looked just fine to me.  Then he said "She is very sleepy and is not good on her feet". I checked mum out again, she still looked OK to me. Then dad said "Come on Pops time to go out". At that I perked up, a walk along the tow path and a game of fetch the ball seemed like a good idea. However, I was placed in the car and driven straight to the vets.

I was lifted up onto the table and my dignity fell to the floor. The thermometer was stuck where the sun never shines and a careful examination of my eyes, ears and teeth took place. Followed by a listen to my heart and my breathing. The vet pulled out the thermometer looked at it and said "I can't find anything wrong with her I suggest you keep and eye on her for a few days. Poppy might be ready for having her face hair trimmed, as that might be causing her to rub her eyes". At last, someone has noticed my eyesight plight. A few days later, I went off to the dog groomers for some much needed care and attention. Nails clipped, hair washed, shampoo and blow dried. Followed by a very attractive "breed standard" clip to my coat.

Later whilst walking on the excercise field we met up with Tilly the Pointer and we had a game of chase me - chase you. Dad said to Tilly's owner, "I have had her to the vet, she has been off it. I think it was one of those 24 hour bug things. However, she is much better and brighter now". So he must have taken Mum to the vets as well. I hope she did not mind the thermometer being inserted. Then dad said "Pops is much better at finding the ball now". Yes, a good trim of the hair always helps.

Right, time for a quick nap in my bed.

Oh no! That smelly old flea infested, ratbag of a cat has ensconced himself in my bed again.

Love Poppy XX

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  1. Well hello again Poppy....sorry ta hear about yer seein' problem....but glad ta hear ya got that nasty hair outta the way.

    Let us, my Mom and Toby too....wish ya a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too...

    Dewey Dewster here.....