Thursday, 20 January 2011

Fashion for dogs

Hi everyone.

Some of the dogs that I meet up with when I take dad out for his daily walk seem to have become some kind of fashion freaks. It started with reflective collars for dogs, which on balance seemed to be a good idea. Then it became "country style" wax jackets for dogs. The it became the day-glo  padded jacket for dogs (which makes it much harder to sneak up on cats for a good chase)  Now its moved on to flashing light collars (Santa sent me one for helping out with his sleigh) for dogs. I seem to have started something of a trend. Some flash slow, some flash fast, some have more than one colour. Where will it all end!

Mum and dad recently purchased a dog grooming set, complete with electric trimmers. Previously, I went to the dog grooming parlour (Boweslyon in Sheffield) where I would spend a luxurious day being pampered with a bath, blow dry and a breed standard clip (dad does not like hand stripping foxes as it causes unnecessary pain) Today, I had my weekly shower with dad which is good fun as we both get to play with a bag of shower toys. Mum was waiting as usual to towel me down. However, today she gave me a quick blow dry and then started to clip my coat. There were a few disagreements between them about how long different parts of my coat should be. Seeing as this was mums first attempt she did a pretty good job.

Dad seems to be in a very good mood, he has just heard that he is going to be made redundant from his place of work. Dad was due to retire next year anyway and the redundancy payment will be ample reward for retiring a year early. This will let us spend even more time on the boat in future.

Must go as I am putting the final touches to my "Animal X Factor" act. The auditions and then the start of rehearsals are next week and I am getting quite excited.

Yip Yap.

Love Poppy XX

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