Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Long term visitor

Hi all.

We have a visitor joining us on the boat. Her name is Abbie and she is an eleven year old wire haired fox terrier. She belongs to my human mum's identical twin sister. However, Abbie has not been well for some time now. And when everyone is out of the house at work and Abbie has been left on her own, she has been getting a bit worked up. So dad came up with a great idea, why not let Abbie join us whenever her owners are going to be away from home. So that's Monday to Friday most weeks taken care of. This week she is on-board the boat with us for our spring cruise and is having a good time. This is much better than sharing my food and basket with that smelly old Jasper the cat.

We get to go for a long walk most mornings, dad is keeping Abbie on the long lead until he is sure that she will not panic and run off. Abbie has a good appetite and has been scoffing my left over dinner and my special doggie treats. She has even taken to searching out the treats that I have secreted away from Jasper the cat. I may need to have a word about ownership of secreted treats.

The weather is fantastic though it was a bit cold last night and dad got the stove going on the boat. We are all going to a family wedding on Good Friday more details to follow later.

That's it for now.

Yip Yap

XX Poppy

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