Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Saves Sinking Boat

Hello everyone.

I have not been on the blog for a while, dad closed down the computer. Dad then popped me in the car and we went to see some family friends. The mum and dad of my friend Holly the King Charles Spaniel. The next thing I know, mum and dad abandon me and go to Spain on holiday.  Well now they are back, I am back on the boat and I can catch up on my blogging.

The local newspaper headline.
We have had quite an interesting start to the day. It all started in the early hours of the morning, when I heard some footsteps along the towpath. I listened and after a while the foot steps disappeared off into the distance. However, some time later I felt a very gentle nudge when something bumped into us.

It seems that our boat had broken free of its moorings and drifted along the river. Everyone else on board was still fast asleep and did not notice the gentle nudge.  But me,  always being alert and on guard. I am alert even when my eyes are shut. Even when I am curled up in my basket in front of a warm stove. I am still on guard duty.

Mum and dad were sound asleep in bed. But you know who decided to bark a challenge just in case there was a problem. Mum gave dad a nudge and said "Go and see what she is barking at." It was a struggle for dad to get out of bed but he managed to stagger into the saloon where my bed is normally located. He said "what's up Pops - do you need to go out?" I decided that there was a bit more urgency needed and so I started jumping up at the deck door.

When the door opened, dad could now see that we were drifting downstream towards the weir. There was a flurry of activity as dad started up the engine. The boat started to push back against the flow. I pawed at the mooring line that was hanging over the side and dad recovered the rope before it could get tangled up in the propeller.  By this time mum had come to join us - she was wondering why we had started the engine so early in the morning. Dad sent her forward to recover the front line which had also come loose.

With the tunnel light illuminating our way back to the mooring we made steady progress. Our mooring pins were still in the bank and dad made the lines fast to them again. It was at this point that we realised that our boat mooring lines had been deliberately untied. Dad checked the lines of several other boats at the mooring and had to make one or two secure again. By the time he got back on board it had started to rain. so we banked up the fire and the boat was soon as warm as toast. We all headed back to our beds. Except for Jasper the cat who had taken up residence in my bed. Dad turfed him out and I was soon curled up back on guard duty again.

Dad reported the matter to the Police. Letting go of a boats mooring lines at night is very dangerous. Later, because we were staying in the same place for a few days. Dad got the front and back anchor out of the locker and set them over the off side of the boat away from the bank. This way if anyone set our lines free again the anchors would still hold the boat in place. I am now keeping a close eye on people walking past the boat. I might just be able to recognise their footsteps and then I would be able to let them know that I know it was them. Dad says that rescuing a boat from sinking is all in a days work for a brave Wire Haired Fox Terrier guard puppy.

It seems that my adventure has been written up in the local newspaper. Anyone know what "a medal as big as a frying pan" is? It seems according to dad that I deserve one?

Yip Yap.

Love to all.

XX Poppy

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