Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Hello all.

Well my first few days of living in my new billet have passed quite quickly. I will have a fair few stories to recount when ever I meet up with family members. I do miss all of my brothers and sisters and especially cuddling up together in a big warm heap. I have been allocated a soft warm bed located near to the boat stove. There is some competition between me and the cat about ownership of the bed. The cat seems to be winning at the moment as he spends most of the time half asleep. I am hanging about, waiting to take over the bed at a moments notice.

I have only one little accident to report, this occured when I was not able to make it on to the towpath grass in time. It was such a small piddling puddle of pee. However it seemed to bring out massive amounts of admonishment, finger waving and disaproval of all the humans on board. Then no doubt by way of further punishment, it was arranged for me to have a visit to the vet.

Now this vet person is someone who has little in the way of tact and started to give me a full physical checkout. He started by looking into my mouth, into my eyes and ears. Then my dignity was  affronted by where he looked next. Is there to be no self dignity left for me and I can't begin to tell you where he stuck the thermometer.

I'm back on board, the cat is still hogging my bed and he keeps making obnoxious smells. The outcome of this just seems to draw sniggers, pointing and further finger wagging at me.

This does not bode well for the future.

Yip Yip

Love Poppy XX

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