Sunday, 19 December 2010

Pigs and Gorillas

Hi mum and Olive.

I love pigs and gorillas! Well I sort of love them a little bit. Its a long story, so where shall I start....

Well, it all started one evening this week when dad came home with a paper bag and a big smile on his face. Dad put the bag into the cupboard before I could get my usual quick sniff at it. But, there was a very faint but interesting aroma which held my attention for a while. Later everyone settled down for their meal and I went into the galley (galley is the name for the kitchen on a boat) hoping to get a tidbit or two.

On the floor was this strange little fat thing, with a strong smell of whatever was in the paper bag about it. I have never seen anything like it in my short but interesting life. It was round, had short stumpy legs and a flat nose. I was a bit wary of what it was, you never can be sure if it is a dangerous bad tempered biting thing. Dad picked it up and suddenly it made the most amazing noise. It was a bit like the sound of those squeaky toys that we get to nibble the squeak out of. But it was a much deeper snorting sound. I tried to get the best position to get a view, but I only got the odd a tantalising glimpse. I'm not sure where it went, but it disappeared from sight. I wanted to find it again and even though I scented the air, the smell had all but disappeared.

Later, whilst I was in the saloon (saloon is the name of living space on a boat) enjoying a quiet nap in my bed. I heard the noise. I rushed to the galley and in the middle of the floor by dad's feet was it. That pig thing from before. I skittered to a halt, and slowly and warily I inched forward. Stretching my nose forward and just like a coiled spring, I was ready to jump clear in an instant. My nose was about six inches away and every muscle was quivering - when suddenly it snorted and leaped forward off dad's foot and attacked. Well I made an instant strategic withdrawal, down the boat heading for the saloon with my tail between my legs. Its not that I was scared, I seem to be able to run faster with my tail in this position.

On arrival in the saloon I was confronted by a huge monster (a gorilla named Jacko) sat in my bed. This monster had staring eyes, a big mouth and was much bigger than me. So pushing my tail even closer to my belly, I made another withdrawal back to the galley. There was a strange "woo wooo" sound coming from somewhere (it could have been me) that accompanied my withdrawal. By the time I arrived back in the galley the pig had gone and I was able to stand guard just behind some legs. The family were laughing and pointing at me. They obviously did not know about the huge monster in the saloon.

Everyone started to move into the saloon area. However, I waited until last to bring up a rearguard in case the pig returned. On arriving at the saloon everyone was talking about Jacko. Who had somehow made his way from my bed and onto the sofa. I needed to check him out and so I did a slow stealthy approach. It turned out that the monster was just a huge stuffed toy. Later, dad went into the galley and I heard the pig monster calling again. I sauntered down to the galley door. When I looked in I saw the pig monster sat on dads knee. After a while I plucked up the courage to go and have a closer look at the pig monster. It turned out to be a plastic toy after all. I love plastic toys! So I decided it needed ratting and instant surgery to remove the squeak. However, it escaped and I think it is now in hiding in the cupboard again. I intend to get it fully ratted at the first opportunity.

Its been a very busy and exciting day - so I shall sign off now and go and have a much needed sleep in my bed.

Oh no! That damn cats in my bed again, I hate that cat. Its time to annoy someone into ejecting the cat. Mind you Jacko's plush and comfortable lap will make a good substitute for now. There is only so much excitement you can have in one day!

Yip yap

Love Poppy XX

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