Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Arrival at the boat.

Hi Mom.

On arrival at my new lodgings I was greeted by a cat - I kid you not, it was an old and ancient black cat - called "Jasper". He seems to think that he owns the place, the way he struts around. Now I don't want to seem all picky. Seeing as I have had several pseudonym or nom de plume myself - but what sort of a name is Jasper for a cat!  So it looks to me like, for the time being, I will have to share my new billet, with a scrawny old cat.

Well I decided the best way was to assert myself and my position from the start. So I made up my mind to give him the standard doggies introduction. By tastefully and with much decorum smelling at his rear. The monster took exception at the greeting and insisted on giving me a boxing lesson in return. Cats need to know their place in the hierarchy and pecking order of life on board a boat. This cat seems to have delusions of grandeur about his place in the boat hierarchy. I can feel that there will be some interesting times ahead.

Not an auspicious start, I admit, but I will get around to sorting the cat out out later. Now is time to relax and enjoy my new lovely warm bed and to spend some time with the juicy bone I have been awarded for being "cute". I am very good at doing cute, the two humans on board it seems are called "mummy and daddy". They are quite easy to please. However, I will need to start their training quite soon.

Oh no, I must go, the cat has had the temerity to get into my warm and comfortable bed and is now licking at my new bone. I think it's going to be one of those days.

I will write again soon.

Love to all

XX Poppy

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