Sunday 1 July 2012

Good days and bad days.

Some days are good and some days are bad. We like the sunny warm days, we also like the frosty crisp hard days. The only days we don't actually like are the soaking wet and muddy days we get from time to time. 

Sunny days we get to go straight back on the boat for a drink of refreshing cold water. We search around for the cool spots to lay quiet and cool down. Some times mum and dad like to join in by picking out the sticky buds that get tangled up in our coats. Then we have a snooze for a couple of hours before enjoying lunch. Then its time for a siesta up on top of the boat.

Cold, frosty mornings when the puddles of water are hard and the snow is powdery, fluffy and dry. When we can run and run leaving a track that we can follow back home to the boat. Best of all, we get to go straight back on the boat and get to gather around the stove. Some times mum and dad like to get near the stave, but me and Abbey are pretty nifty at getting a place close to the stove. Never eat the yellow snow, OK!

The days when it rains are OK, we can run around we dash through all the puddles. Sometimes we run through the deep puddles and the muddy water splashes up onto our coats. We get to shake our coats and then everyone who is near us runs away from us shouting Oi! Its such good fun. The bad bit is that we are not allowed back onto the boat. We have to be hosed down with clean water. There is something strange about clean water. Its always colder than the water in the rain puddles. Then we have to be towelled down, and we are not allowed in the comfortable chairs until we are dry.


Poppy and Abbey.