Breeding Counts

Two of the Wire Fox Terriers' most distinctive traits are their enormous amount of energy and intelligence. We also have a low threshold for boredom and require stimulation, exercise and attention. Indeed, once absorbed into the family, we are an inquisitive dog with a nose for everybody's business. We can often cohabit with other animals without problems. However, we particularly enjoy comfort time on the couch or in bed in the evening, the wirefox is a true companion animal.

We truly love water and are always ready for a swim. A life jacket is recommended for a Fox Terrier spending time onboard a boat. It is never a case of if, it is more of a case of when we will go overboard. A Fox Terrier is always alert, quick and ready to respond swiftly with enthusiasm to any challenge. We are also friendly, communicative and exceedingly playful when we receive proper care, attention and exercise.

We were bred to be independent thinkers, and are more than capable of tactical maneuvering for managing vermin. Because of our high level of intelligence and boundless energy, we are a dog that is not suited for everyone. We are typically loyal to the whole of a family rather than a single individual.