Saturday 1 June 2013


Today, its a story that has tugged at the heart of thousands of people around the world. Our special doggie friend today is 'Kabang!' Kabang 
lost half her face whilst saving two girls from an oncoming motorcycle. Wonder dog Kabang has now returned to the Philippines after eight months of treatment in the US. 


Kabang attracted worldwide support because of her severe injuries, with donations from the Philippines and abroad covering her $27,000 treatment costs.

The hero Kabang jumped into the path of a motorcycle, stopping it from hitting her owner's daughter and niece in the southern city two years ago. The accident left a gaping hole in the two-year old dog's face. Kabang's heroic tale prompted an outpouring of sympathy, with fundraising campaigns set up on Facebook and Twitter.

Veterinary surgeon Anton Lim, who accompanied the dog to the US, said they received donations from 45 countries, covering the full cost of treatment. "This is the first time in the history of the Philippines that we've seen such support for a dog." said Ed Unson, another Filipino vet and one of Kabang's handlers. Doctors at the University of California operated on Kabang's wounds, and treated her for a tumour and heartworm.

While they could not reconstruct the dog's jaw or snout, they took skin grafts from her cheeks, neck and forehead to cover up sensitive areas exposed on her face, University of California Professor Frank Verstraete explained. "Despite the disfigurement, Kabang can still chew her food using her two remaining molars, and smell well enough to recognise her owner and handlers. The dog was greeted by a crowd of well-wishers at Manila airport and later reunited with her owner, Rudy Bunggal, in Zamboanga.

So today we salute wonder dog Kabang and wish her a long and happy life with Rudi.

Yip Yap

Poppy and Abbey

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