Tuesday 15 March 2011

Extended family members

Hello all.


The boat dog family have long sponsored other dogs usually with the Dogs Trust. However, last month we had a new sponsored canine member join the extended canal dog family. 

Kaspar is a Labrador who is in training for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. We give a small donation every month towards the costs of Kaspar's keep. We get an occasional postcard and the odd letter letting us know how Kaspar is getting along. Dad says that guide dogs like Kaspar who is in training with the The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association have to be very special to be chosen. So Kaspar is a bit like me then!

Mr Magoo

We also have another sponsored member of the family called Mr Magoo.
Magoo was a long term  resident of the Dogs Trust. This was because as dad said Magoo was too wonderful to be re-homed with a normal family and would need to be with someone very special.
Dogs Trust believes no healthy dog should ever be destroyed and that every dog should have a chance to lead a happy and healthy life.

We also sponsor another dog called Podge.

Podge is an English Springer Spaniel who is also a long term resident (since 2007) of the Dogs Trust. Dad has a soft spot for Springer Spaniels, because he had owned one in the past called Toby.

Dad says Toby was a very loving and friendly character and dad still misses him to this day.

News of a useful little item to attach to your favourite dogs collar. Especially when out on any nocturnal walks. Attach this luminous keyring to your dogs collar alerting motorists to your dog's presence and keeping tabs on them when he or she is off the lead. Includes battery which lasts 60 hours. Available for £4.50 from the above link.

Love to all.

Yip Yap.

XX Poppy

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